Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Games, players and use

A few articles have showed up lately, with data on things confirming trends we have known about, but not had definite data on.

By way of Lisbeth Klastrup and Dennis G. Jerz: 39% of the gamers are women. The data also shows that women past 40 play more than the men at the same age. ESA, Entertainment Software Association, reports the same trends, and includes some other encouraging facts:

Ninety-two percent of parents surveyed who have children under the age of 18 say they monitor the content of the interactive games their children play, and 55 percent of parents say they play interactive games with their kids at least once a month.

ESA also reports that American gamers take the time to play games not from reading, work or activities like sports, but from watching television.

Lisbeth and Dennis also point to the Women Gamer's cooperation with Guildhall, to create a scholarship for women game developers. Good news indeed, for gamers.

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