Thursday, August 12, 2004


I received a snail-mail from Jill while I was away. It was a heavy envelope, waiting as I arrived at work. When I opened it, a stack of notes was revealed, a fragmented story. After reading Pattern Recognition on the plane home, Nick Montfort and Scott Rhettberg's implementation felt familiar. Still, I keep worrying about where to put the notes up.

Volda is not a place where you leave stickers randomly, in our orderly little town there are no stickers on walls, windows, light-poles, doors... I have to find ways to create layers, attach this to an already transient medium, like posters for other things, ads, boards outside stores or walls that are being turn down or removed soon. Perhaps I will grab the camera and take the car out, leaving traces along the road, for the passengers on the bus - a remote node for a network of messages. But I don't think I will find anything as interesting or challenging as bomb-proof trash cans, complete with security conscious officers. Perhaps I can find some other unusual and exotic places, like in the diary at the top of a mountain or something.

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Jill said...

Actually, in villages in France I did what you're describing. I stuck stickers on notice boards - or I just removed them as soon as they were stuck. Leaving them there only for the photo. Not quite the way they were intended, but... Small places aren't cities.