Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Computer/video games are harmful for young girls, according to Children Now. The games show heroines with breasts larger than what a girl can have, waists more narrow than possible (well, I have seen what 20 years of living in a corset can do, it is possible) and a lot of exposure of cleavages and thighs.

"38% displayed those characters with significant body exposure: 23% exposed breasts or cleavage, 31% exposed thighs, 15% exposed behinds and 31% exposed stomachs or midriffs.

In addition, 38% of female game characters had "large" breasts and 46% had "unusually small" waists."

This will, according the Children Now, give children unrealistic ideas about how girls are supposed to look and behave.

My question is... Did it take the fear of computer games to make these researchers discover the Barbie Doll?

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