Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Massuni, Brian 1993: A user's guide to capitalism and schizophrenia
"Deleuze recommends that you read Capitalism and Schizophrenia as you would listen to a record. You don't approach a record as a closed book that you have to take or leave. There are always cuts that leave you cold. So you skip them. Other cuts you may listen to over and over again. They follow you. You find yourself humming them under your breath as you go about your daily business. Capitalism and Schizophrenia is conceived as an open system."

Perhaps this is why I read four books at the same time:
Deleuze, Gilles and Guattari, Felix (1987): a thousand plateus, Minnesota Press
Massuni, Brian (1992): A user's guide to Capitalism and Schizophrenia; deviations from Deleuze and Guattari, MIT press
Rajhcman, John (2000): The Deleuze Connections, MIT press
Goodchild, Philip (1996): Deleuze & Guattari; An Introduction to the Politics of Desire., Sage publications

The openness which is supposed to be central to the work on Capitalism and Schizophrenia so far reads like a game, a multilinear text or an ergodic text, where using the parts which makes sense to you, the reader/user, is more important than grasping the entire monolith of the work.

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