Tuesday, March 06, 2001

To do today... I should have gone on with Deleuze, but instead I am thinking of the book I brought home last night: Textual Poachers. The players of online computergames aren't alone in their sense of community and their interest in social experiments. This book points out how fans of fantastic and futuristic television programs are equally active, particularly in the way they explore through fanzines. The book was written from studies done just after 1990. During the 90ies the fanzines have moved into the internet, as we can see for instance the X-Files fan pages. In the area of science fiction and fantasy, the social experiment has always been a major part of the experience, and roleplaying is a related experience to writing fan-fiction or producing fan programs, films or costumes. That reminds me, I need to go find Marion Zimmer Bradley's collections of fan stories.... I know they are somewhere close to B in my bookshelf.

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