Wednesday, March 07, 2001

I read the article Jill recommends, by Daniel Pargman on SvenskMUD, an adventure MUD in Sweedish. The way he discusses the aspects of playing, and the insights into what the "magicians" (administrators more commonly known as "wizards" or "immortals") view as important topics to create a good online playground is interesting. This seems like a different type of MUD from what I am working with, as it looks to be a pure "hack'n'slash" game rather than roleplay. In his article, he doesn't specify if it's DIKU or what other code-base it's built on, but for the topics he discusses, the brand isn't important. It's an interesting article, and I will be looking for his dissertation - it looks both interesting and useful in relation to what I am working with, although it doesn't overlap - luckily. I'd hate to find that somebody have already written my dissertation.

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