Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Jill's page gave me a good link today, and I keep peering at it, with the one good eye, and occasionally two. Stelarc discusses the body, and the body anaesthetised. I sit here in front of the screen with half my face numb after some minor surgery, the right eye won't shut properly, and I can't even smile... My face is a total stranger to myself when I can't control the miniature movements which are such an important part of my image of me. And in this state, I really wonder if the body anaesthetised is a good metaphor. After all, the human as a cyborg is the human extended, not diminished. Yes, we are in worse shape than our parents, from spending too much time in cars and in front of screens - but at the same time we are doing more than ever to retain the full range of functions of the body. Modern society doesn't accept a heart which isn't as perfect as modern surgery can make it, we operate eyes to obtain perfect vision, the perfection and presence of the body is more important than ever. To numb sensations is the opposite of this movements towards the perfect, alert human.

Perhaps I misunderstood. Perhaps we really agree. I'll have an other look when the right eye stops tearing, and I can wink properly - and thus process information in functional intervals.

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