Thursday, March 08, 2001

"Representations are bodies too!" (Deleuze & Guittari: a thousand plateus p 86)
I am being seduced. "They do not understand that seduction represents mastery over the symbolic universe, while power represents only mastery over the real universe." (Baudrillard, Jean (1990): Seduction, New York, p. 8) My symbolic universe is flirting with the many readings of Deleuze, and now I am approaching slowly, drawn in and seduced into accepting more and more of the symbols, the metaphores, the thoughts and ideas, as I start nibbling at the original text. And as I let Deleuze and Guittari have their way with my mind, the open system unfolds like a temptation I both resist and desire. And I return to Baudrillard again, to give words to the experience: "Seduction is never linear, and does not wear a mask (that is vulgar seduction) - it is oblique." (p. 106)

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