Friday, March 16, 2001

A Friday that's as sunny as the childhood we all wish we had, and I started out early, hiding from the beauty of a landscape dressed for disrobing through the heat of the sun melting away the veils of snow over the ancient peaks surrounding the smooth mirror of the fjord.. See what it does to me to look out the window? I'll keep my eyes firmly on the computer, I promise. And the first thing I pounced on to escape nature romanticism today was a blog called: popular culture slut. This blog had an interesting link I couldn't leave unclicked, and I went to Rob's amazing poem generator to make a poem out of my blog. And here it is - the

Thinking with the Senators making
no Barbarians come into the bottom
of the of exerting
power and bad television, as the English speakers
think they
come and to the English speakers I will alter not
nice young girls and
really be a web that computer
game rather as power to take meaningful
or when I think
a reason for subjectifying?. To achieve with sportstape,
covered with the why is a hundred
elfin years going in this is I
had forgotten all the of your
own potential. That this is my work?
of the best posted by
Torill Mortensen
13:39 if you
can enjoy the year
I can I snatched this weblog. he
asked me the americans
was kidding. three days
later a sentence and desire.

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