Sunday, March 25, 2001

Does computers and cell-phones make kids lazy?
My daughter plays three instruments, and is learning a fourth. My son plays football, handball, is an active table-top and live role-player, and playes the drums in two different types of bands. They both have a lot of friends, and love to go skiing, swimming or just hanging out with their friends. Their friends are equally active. Yes, it's hard to make them clean up their rooms, do laundry or dishes, or help out in the garden. But as I recall, my parents claimed it was impossible to get my help for that as well, and there wasn't a computer in that house as long as I lived there.

Perhaps computers make some kids sit still instead of be physically active. That's bad because it will make the quality of their lives worse when they grow older and don't have habits which helps them maintain the body. But would they have been in better physical shape if they had spent their time in front of the television?

Or do I have the most perfect children in the world, and all the others are lazy, bored and stupid, due to their excessive use of computers? Much as I love my most perfect children... somehow I doubt that to be true.

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