Sunday, March 18, 2001

It's Sunday, and I have been carrying Huizinga's Homo Ludens with me all week-end. Instead of reading it, I have been thinking about the game. The court where I am second in command, is supposed to be custom made for inner conflict and intrigue. However, the character who's my main opponent isn't logging in to play - that makes the court static, I sit too safely as long as the prince sits. Even if he falls, I will most likely sit, or become prince. This isn't a situation which Et'Thalior can function with. So we need to create some inner conflict, but for that we need players who will both maintain their circle and want to play opposed to my circle. What I'll most likely do, is try to put some of my allegiants in positions where they have a reason and the power to undermine me. digging my own grave... or rather, the grave of my poor elf. There is no winning or losing in roleplay, if it were, I have already won, as I have reached several of the early goals. But winning would make the game end, and this is the never-ending story indeed - keeping the game flowing is more important than winning... and right now, Et'Thalior needs one more worthy adversary for its intrigues.

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