Monday, March 05, 2001

My mind is stalling at transcendentals in the Kantian Subject and Deluze's thoughts on duration.
That meant I had to repeat Kant, and a quick search gave me a really nice page of links on Kant:

For someone like me, not having looked in the direction of Kant since 1984, was a most useful repetition to kick the brain back into work. OK, so it's simple, but it's clear enough that it helped me pull those buried memories of lectures in a narrow room which felt like a bomb-shelter and smelled of cement and dust out of the darkness where they were hidden, and the voice of the lecturer mixes in my mind with the memory of the images I was drawing on the note-pad, exotic fish swimming among my notes, and the distinction between a priori and a posteriori knowledge is written down in black and red with intricate twirls to the lettering.

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